Feb 13, 2020

Are you overlooking the power of copy?


Copy is so much more than words on a page, so much more than ‘filler’ for a website.

Quality copy is your right-hand marketing tool, compelling in the emotions it can stir up and powerful in the direct way it communicates with your customers.
Copy should always be thought of as the human voice of your business. Does your business have the right tone of voice, or are you underselling yourself through your copy?
Effective copy is all about the right words, in the right places. We appreciate that writing specialist content can be a time-consuming task to undertake – so why not let us do the hard work for you?
Here at FinanceStream, we can offer you a variety of copywriting services and packages.
Have a look at what we can offer you below…

Your brand story

Storytelling is a timeless marketing tool because of its deep capacity for compelling and authentic emotion. Here at FinanceStream we can weave you a bespoke and beautifully crafted brand narrative, unique as the prints on your fingertips. We’ll completely adapt it to your tone and personality: punchy, chatty, minimalist or elegant – we’ll find your voice.
What we’ll do…
  • Workshop with you to gauge your unique voice and the essence of your brand
  • Review these findings to identify the key ingredients of your story and capture them in a document
  • Present your brand story ingredients to you in a follow-up meeting
What you’ll get…
  • A clear and captivating brand story in a Word format
  • Supporting paragraphs promoting your brand story and services
  • A strapline, if requested
  • A simple version of the story that can be used on the homepage of your website

Your brand values

Your values should be the beating heart of your business. Defined values will give your brand strength and enduring resonance, as well as help you to streamline your target audience. Without clear brand values, your business will have little coherence. You may be targeting the wrong customers, hiring the wrong workforce or marketing on the wrong platforms. Values are the keystones of your business – don’t undermine their force.
What we’ll do…
  • Workshop with you to define those cohesive and compelling brand values
  • Review our findings and produce copy that showcases your values distinctly and with character
What you’ll get…
  • Personalised copy! We can add this to your website or even curate a specialised ‘values’ blog post for you
  • Bespoke copy that can be used to clarify your business to potential customers and current employees

Web content

The content of your website shouldn’t just be ‘filler.’ You need copy in harmony with your brand, your values and the design of your site. This requires meticulous precision and a deep understanding of your company. We’ll create copy that is completely personalised to your brand and business that best reflects your message and values.
What we’ll do…
  • Workshop with you to establish the style, tone and message of the content you require
  • Create a sample of copy for your website, after which we can refine our style as needed
What you’ll get…
  • Bespoke copy that meets your website’s needs
  • Contact throughout the writing process, to ensure the copy matches your voice and tone

Campaign copy

Never underestimate the power of the written word – especially in a marketing campaign! You’ll need snappy, attention-grabbing copy. Whatever your requirements – copy that makes you stop, think or feel – we can fulfil your needs here. We’ll work alongside you to carefully curate a marketing campaign that has all the right words, in all the right places.
What we’ll do…
  • Workshop with you directly to establish the requirements of your marketing campaign
  • We’ll brainstorm ideas alongside you so that you can ensure our style meets your campaign needs
What you’ll get…
  • A workshop of potential ideas
  • Engaging straplines
  • Compelling copy suitable for brochures, billboards, websites and more!

Blog posts or articles

Boost your content and SEO with weekly or monthly blog posts. Feeding potential customers fresh content will ensure a steady stream of traffic to your site, and can easily be promoted through social media. But we understand this takes time and effort, so why not let us do the hard work?
What we’ll do…
  • Liaise with you via a workshop or initial call to discuss content, tone and message
  • Send you a blog sample, after which we can refine our style as needed
What you’ll get…
  • Weekly or monthly blogs – as specialist or generalised as you like! We can create quality evergreen content for timeless relevance, or dive into niche topics to target a specific audience.


If you’d like to hear more about how we can transform your copy, don’t hesitate to get in touch: jess@financestream.co


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