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Lakestar are a venture capital firm originally founded in 2012 by tech investor Klaus Hommels.
They engaged in our services following a review of their online presence and conclusion that their setup didn’t reflect the nature of their business or the aspirations for the future.

The Brief

The brief was for FinanceStream to inject new energy into the online brand and create a modern and forward-thinking website. Our task was to ensure that across all device sizes, the website would be easy to navigate and become a portal for company updates and industry news, growing over time to incorporate more company specific information. Careful focus was also to be placed on ensuring the optimisation for the site was improved, gradually improving organic search engine rankings.

The Solution


Working closely with Lakestar and their internal design teams, our first port of call was to ensure that the design reflected the type of business Lakestar wanted to be, understanding their aims and the message they wished to convey.
From there, building the site in CraftCMS, we created a streamlined and speed optimised platform on which Lakestar will be able to build continuously as they increase their digital presence. Though simple and small in size, the website is carefully constructed to help showcase Lakestar as a leading company in the venture capital industry.

Key Features


  • Simplicity was key for this project. Though not feature heavy on the frontend of the site, the setup within CraftCMS and flexibility that has been given to Lakestar to action further changes in the future have made this a solid investment.
  • The detailed homepage allows users to access all areas of the site whilst also getting an overview, ultimately achieving the aim for the business in showcasing their core strengths.

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