Sep 23, 2019

Financial firms throwing money away?!


You might think that the idea of a financial services firm throwing money away is somewhat absurd, and you’d be right.
But if you think that means that it doesn’t happen, you’d be wrong.
In my experience, a huge percentage of financial services firms throw money away every single day, simply by not making the most of the marketing that they do.
Throughout the customer journey, there are points where potential customers can drop off, never to return to the business.
Below are two of the most common, together with their remedies:

#1 Someone calls, but doesn’t buy or book an appointment.

Businesses field calls all the time, and often that first and initial call is the only one a prospect will make. They’ll ask for a piece of information, and be given it, but the member of staff fails to capture that person’s data, and fails to create a new lead as a result.
Capture that data, and you’re in control. Fail to do so and you’re hoping the customer chooses to call you back. When you’ve invested in marketing that creates every phone call, each phone call is an opportunity to make a return on that investment.

#2 Someone visits the website, but doesn’t buy or book an appointment.

A lot of financial services firms measure their website success based on the number of hits. But here’s the problem: you can’t cash “hits” into your bank account.
A shocking number of firms are in a situation where 99% of website visitors leave without buying anything or booking an appointment, and yet they still aren’t bending over backwards to secure prospects’ contact details.
If you haven’t got a secondary way for your prospects to give you their data, other than booking an appointment or buying from you, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Stop these two things from happening, and a few other things will start happening:

You’ll start getting more leads.
You’ll start getting more conversion.
Your staff will be more engaged and switched on.
You’ll be keener to do more marketing since you know it won’t be money down the drain.
If you need some help with any of the above, we can help

If you want a steer on how to make these things happen for your business, feel free to give us a shout. Please contact our branding team or email  



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