Sep 23, 2019

You aren’t the only one


There’s an elephant in the room, and I’m going to go right ahead and expose it:
You’re not the only financial services firm in your market.
Heck, you’re probably not even the only financial services company providing your own niche offering in your market.
There are probably bigger firms.
Firms with more experience…
Firms with more talent on their team than you…
Firms with better connections…
Firms with more money to spend on their website and on their marketing…
The truth is that there are scores of businesses also looking to do business with your target customer. There might even be hundreds, or thousands.
So, what do you do when you realise that you’re competing with other businesses that have significant advantages over yours?
Understand what you can do that’s different.
A common mistake that financial services firms make is acting like all the other financial services firms out there.
They look at what other firms put out and try and do the same.
They’ll try and copy what bigger budget businesses are doing with their brand advertising.
The truth is that the more you look and sound like the other firms out there, the more you’ll be lumped in with them.
But when you act differently, and market differently, people will sit up and take notice.
You’ll carve out a USP, just by being the financial services firm that doesn’t do what all the financial services firms do.
Sound different, look different and market differently.

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