Apr 7, 2020

Is your website crisis-proof?


Does your website have everything it needs to pull you through COVID-19?
Your website is more important now than ever before.
With a high street presence impossible at the moment, your website really needs to be your shop window.
We live in a digital age where 97% of consumers will search for local business online. To put it plainly, your business isn’t visible unless it has an online presence.
So, what things should I be looking for when optimising my website? We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a checklist…
What does your website need during this troubling time? 

  • Live chat software
Communication is absolutely vital.
The option of an instant messaging service on your website is the preferable communication method of many users nowadays. It is fast becoming an expected piece of software, and a highly desirable one from the point of view of the consumer.
79% of consumers prefer live chats over other communication channels because they offer instant responses. It’s also worth noting that more than half of all chats come from mobile, so having a live chat that is mobile responsive is essential. 

  • Speedy performance
Website performance should be an absolute priority right now. Slow page loads and overall site speed will massively impact consumer frustration, and, in turn, lower conversion rates.
With slow pages having a high bounce rate and page speed directly impacting your Google ranking, it will be hugely important for the success of your business to optimise how quickly your site performs.
Now could be a great time to focus on this.
  • A communication banner
Transparency, communication and clarity are all so important right now. We will all be receiving a huge amount of COVID-19 queries at the moment.
A clear communication banner plug-in can sit on your website and do the initial communications for you. This is really important if your business is still operating, but just working from home. The immediate communication will reassure your customers. 

  • Make important information easy to find
Eye-tracking research of website users shows that we are scanners. Our eyes don’t scrutinise every element of a site, they flick from left to right, in a downwards Z direction.
It’s super important to lay key information out in optimum areas, where our eyes will be drawn to first.
We have found that having your contact details, including an obvious telephone number, in the top right hand corner of your site is optimum.
  • A responsive website
Mobile internet browsers are continuously surpassing desktop users so making sure your site works just as well on a phone is crucial. It is really important for users to feel a sense of continuity and to receive the same browsing experience on mobile as desktop.
A poor experience on a mobile just won’t cut it in this digital age and will leave you with a high bounce rate, and leave your customer disappointed. 

  • A clear message on your homepage
If COVID-19 is disrupting your day-to-day operations in a way that will impact your customers, communicate this clearly. Transparency is really essential at this time, as not being up front can damage consumer trust. Alternatively, if you are still operating your business, but working from home, this also needs to be clearly communicated. If contact details have changed, advertise it clearly. 
  • Purposeful animation
As previously stated, the importance of clear communication right now shouldn’t be overlooked.
Consider using purposeful animation to reinforce your message on your homepage. Animation is hugely important when thinking of the user’s experience, as visuals achieve what words can’t – the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words.
In a world where you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, consider animation as a powerful instant communication tool. 

  • Sensitive content
If you are storming ahead with your blogs as normal, without addressing the current situation, it can read as tone-deaf.
Additionally, check your sequenced content on emails. Are you sending out automated emails that really don’t apply anymore?
Tackling these sorts of blunders will ensure you’re not sending out the wrong message at this time.



Here at FinanceStream, we can help you with all of these issues.
Our savvy developers would be happy to give you advice on how to make your website work harder and smarter for you.
Remember, if it’s not converting, if it’s not earning you leads, then it’s not fulfilling the basic function of a site! Call 0161 672 7822 or email robin@financestream.co for expert advice.
Need some clear and sensitive content?
We are currently offering free content marketing to get you through these bizarre times! Email me at jess@financestream.co if I can help out in any way.


Stay safe!




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